X.Million Capital Ventures is an independent private equity firm that invests in early stage start-up companies located across the world. The firm specializes in the IT, mobile and web consumer sector and is especially attracted to businesses that are supported by strong demographic trends with fundamental changes in consumer preferences. Our General Partners have a long history of working together and identifying successful investment opportunities with these characteristics.

Additionally, our Executive Advisory Board is comprised of a number of seasoned industry executives and entrepreneurs. Together they bring decades of experience and contacts in industries related to our investment objectives, such as technology, consumer products and services, marketing and advertising. These strategic relationships provide X.Million Capital Ventures key advantages, including unique deal flow, specialized due diligence process and the capability to quickly assess growth values. Our Advisory board members have worked at the leading computer companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Digital Equipment Corporation, AMD, EMC, CISCO and Compaq. Utilizing their extensive technical and business experience helps us direct our portfolio companies to pursue new business opportunities.


X.Million Capital Ventures management team consists of highly distinguished professionals equipped with the highest degree of business acumen to generate, structure, execute, and manage venture capital investments. Their combined skill set allows us to navigate complex technical, financial, operational, and legal business challenges to assist our General Partners in building world class organization. You can contact us via info AT xmillioncapital DOT eu


Patrick Gifford

Patrick GiffordPatrick Gifford is our executive business advisor. Pat has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, starting as a Systems Engineer at IBM in 1983. He worked in a variety of sales, strategy, and business development roles at IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, and finally Microsoft, where he spent 17 years in the US field, Redmond HQ, and EMEA. Patrick has been based in Europe since 1999, where his leadership roles included building the Microsoft EMEA Mid- Market business, serving as Director of the Small and Mid-size segment (SMS&P) for Central and Eastern Europe, and leading the EMEA Enterprise Alliances team. Prior to his “professional” career, Patrick spent 4 years in the US Air Force.

Robert Rhame

Robert RhameRobert Rhame is former Europe, Middle East and Africa product lead at EMC, where he worked for over nine years. Robert has extensive knowledge of hardware, software, network, security, server and client configurations, and a deeply understanding not only the operation, connectivity and security, but also the algorithmic design. In addition to his focus on email archiving systems, Robert has worked as a Search Architecture Engineer for a project between Siemens and Openwater Networks. )

Gunther Erwin Fischer

Gunther Erwin FischerIT professional and a Microsoft veteran is offering 20+ years of experience in hardware and software engineering. Gunther has deep technical hands-on knowledge in designing, implementing and enhancing computer systems. He is our technical guru and evangelist with proven ability to help develop the most elegant and high-performance solutions, applications and databases. He provides projects technical assessments and expertise leveraging his wide-ranging talents in computer science.

Dennis Stutterheim

Dennis StutterheimDennis Stutterheim is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in the computer hardware and software industries with P & L responsibility. He built and managed a variety of successful sales, professional services, marketing and support organizations for both startups and major corporations. Dennis has extensive international experience, including living abroad for 8 years with Pan-EMEA responsibilities. He is providing a full range of advisory services and functions involving deep due diligence for valuations, acquisitions (M&A) and other funding transactions up to an IPO preparation.